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Your AI content builder: Automatically generate more reach.

Create high-quality content | More reach | More customers

The saying “content is king” still applies. Reach the right people and
achieve top results.

take part in the pilot project free of charge (there are still 3 places available)

Your advantages:

Artificial intelligence helps you:

Automatically create top content


Understand what interests your target group


Analysis of your visitors



Our current pilot project:

1. your customers only buy when they have been through several touchpoints
are completely convinced by you.

2. focus: What pain does your target group have and what is
are you prepared to invest?

3. how should your messages and call-to-actions be structured?
so that you can present your offer.

Building blocks for success

-What are you waiting for? 3 places are still free?-

If you want a long range, you need the right technology.

(Managing Director) Robin Schuster

The 3 key success factors:

There are 3 decisive factors:

1. the AI database understands better and better what your target group is interested in and needs.

2. through our test phase, we will work on a “one click to the result” solution.

3. which individual key figures are important to you? What goals do you want to achieve?


Develop marketing tools according to your wishes.

Our aim is to offer the best and most useful marketing tools in the long term. Now is your chance to become part of a pilot project where you can help shape the solutions. There are currently 3 places available.

The 4 most important components of a content builder system.

– A head start through the use of new technologies –


Your target group: Experts tell you what really interests them.


pilot 4

Start: How do you make advance payments?



What makes your industry tick? What information & trends are current?


What are you waiting for?

Benefit from the results of our survey and tell
tell us where your challenges lie.

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